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Comedy night – get your tickets quick sharp

Tickets have just gone on sale for TolpuddleKX comedy night with…


Local hero John Hegley





Ranter/raconteur Steve Parry.


20 April. Cross Kings, York Way N1 0AX. Doors 7pm.

Get your tickets here!


Radical Islington – the walk

walkStarting at 11am on Saturday 18th April 2009 outside the Mitre Pub on Copenhagen Street N1 0SR, David Rosenberg, coordinator of the Islington local2global project and guide for historical walks of London’s East End will inspire you on this 3 miles walk which will take approximately 2 hours. 

Find out:

• Which Islington-based preacher stood up to slavery

• Who used to meet in Clerkenwell’s Jerusalem Passage and why

• Which woman in Islington first proclaimed women’s rights

• Where the “Rights of Man” was written

• Which Islington school was closed because of its radical education

• Who the Spenceans were and why there were riots at Spa Fields

• Which radical newspapers were written in islington…

and discover Islington’s connections with Independence in India, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War and the liberation of South Africa.

Singing for your supper!


Events confirmed!

18 April: Radical Islington – the walk

David Rosenberg will inspire you as he brings alive the sights of Islington’s rich radical history. Meet at 11am, the Mitre pub Copenhagen Street, N1 0SR

2o April: Comedy night at the Cross Kings

With: John Hegley

and Steve Parry

7pm. Tickets £7.50 – online ticket booking coming soon

21-25 April: The Martyrs story – the exhibition

The official Trades Union Congress exhibition telling the story of the Martyrs. West Library, Bridgeman Road N1 1BD – all day

21 April: Film night at Screen on the Green

Showing: Comrades

The story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs

Director : Bill Douglas

With William Gaminara (James Loveless); Philip Davis (Young Stanfield); Stephen Bateman (Old Tom Stanfield); Keith Allen (James Hammett); Patrick Field (John Hammett)

Book tickets here

25 April: Big unveiling

Friends of Caledonian Park invite you to the historic plaque unveiling commemorating the 175th anniversary of the great demonstration in support of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Entertainment and refreshments for all. 12 midday. Caledonian Park, Market Road, N7

 25 April: The Big March

Meet at Caledonian Park and join the big march down Caledonian Road to Edward Square headed up by the Cuba Solidarity Salsa Band. Caledonian Park, Market Road, N7

25 April: TolpuddleKX goes live with Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg, Martin Carthy, Leon Rosselson and Northern Celts. Performances by Caledonian Youth Project and Copenhagen School, the Cuba Solidarity Salsa Band, speakers, banner making, storytelling, Woodcraft Folk kids events, Kate Greenaway Nursery under 5s events. 2pm. Edward Square, Copenhagen Street/Caledonian Road, N1

UNISON – supporting Tolpuddle KX 2009


Local yoof to take the stage…

Details coming soon, the two primary schools next to Edward Square in King’s Cross and the local youth arts, culture and sports project are starting to work on their performances for Saturday 25 April’s live stage show to be enjoyed by marchers commemorating the 175th anniversary of London’s great demonstration in support of the Tolpuddle Martyrs…

We need your cash!

TolpuddleKX is organised and run by local volunteers. We need donations to pay for equipment (stage, PA etc) and other essential outgoings- we are keeping costs to the bare minimum and we can provide our budget and accounts on request. Please give generously!